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Welcome to Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Each week Bernard speaks with top golf instructors from around the globe. Interviews that lead to a wealth of knowledge into the game. Past guests include David Leadbetter , Brian Crowell , Brian Manzella , Matt Kluck , Ralph Landrum , Jason Helman , Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, David MacKenzie , Mike Fay, Dr. Robert J. Neal just to name a few. Below you will find several past episodes.

Episode 136 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Rich O’Brien Interview

  RICH HAS… 28+ years experience and is a certified adaptive golf instructor who works specifically with disabled golfers. On September 25 2000, he was in a life changing accident when he was ejected from

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 135 Super Speed Golf Michael Napoleon

Michael Napoleon | President and Founder Inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance, Michael is in constant search for the newest and best

Dayne Gingrich 134 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Dayne Gingrich started as a tennis Pro and became a instructor. Here then found the mental game was helping his students better then standard instruction and realized he had tapped into something big. He now

Jeff Smith Interview Episode 133 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Jeff Smith joins us in conversation on episode 133 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Voted by Golf Digest best Teacher in State 2015 -2016 .Jeff is Director of Instruction - Otter Creek Golf Course -

David Breslow Interview 132 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

David Breslow joins us to for episode 132 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Wired to Win–is based on the simple wisdom of centuries old laws and truths with provable modern science of human performance.

Dan Connelly Interview Episode 130 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

  Dan Connelly the developer of True Length technology club fitting joins us on episode 131 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Dan Connelly, the developer of the Award Winning - True Length Technology® Advanced Golf

Jason Sutton Episode 129 Breaking par with Bernard Sheridan

Jason Sutton was the 2013 Carolinas section Teacher of the Year and a five time nominee for the Golf Magazine top 100 list and was voted in this year. He has worked with The Dana

Bill Abrams Interview Episode 128

Bill's Philosophy My coaching provides a results based, common sense, long term solutions to even the most nagging issues. We will discover your ability to play better in an accelerated manner. I utilize a simple

Breaking par Episode 126 Ian Clark Interview

Ian has over twenty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time has focussed his career towards teaching the game he loves, having spent time teaching in the Middle East in both

Total downloads on the top shows. So many great guests to listen to.

Dr, Sasho MacKenzie 98%
David Leadbetter 93%
Brian Manzella 90%
Matt Kluck 95%
Dr. Robert J. Neal 95%
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