Build connection in your swing and hit more fairways!  Build Connection in your Swing and Hit More Fairways hideki matsuyama intro

Build connection in your swing and hit more fairways!

All of us want to hit more fairways. It can lower our score and give us a better chance of hitting more greens. After all greens in regulation percentage goes up by over 50% off the fairways rather than hitting out of the rough. In the photo above I have drawn a yellow line from the players hands to the center of his chest. between 9:00 and 3:00 positions that line is right in front of the players chest. This show that the arms and torso are both moving together at the same rate. The arms are not work back or through faster than the players core. This is one of the biggest keys to keeping the ball online to the target. We need to use the core to take the club back and let the core deliver the club into and through impact. That means that the arms are always in front of the chest through the impact zone just as they are at address. Most players try to get the club to inside on the takeaway which leads to it getting stuck behind them on the downswing. A great way to get use to using this feeling is my core rotation drill. This drill will help you feel the club staying in front of your between the 8:00 and 4:00 positions. That is the impact zone. Your hands must be in front of you and not lagging behind or passing your core between these positions. take a look at the drill below and start all of your range sessions with it. It will ingrain the core and help you become more core driven in your swing. The result will be solid ball striking and straighter shot making.