If we look at today’s top players there are several things they all have in common. As a recreational player we can take a tip from this phenoms and use our workhorse or core to deliver the club through Impact. If we look at all of the players below. Tiger Woods , Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas and Brooks Keopka

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When we look at Impact of all of these players their hands are in front of their core not way behind or in front. This is a site fire way to know that the core or as we call it at ImpactZoneGolf the “workhorse “ is delivering the club not the shoulders arms and hands. The hands and arms are being carried along by the workhorse. This takes a lot of timing out of the Swing. Now the hands can be carried along for the ride. There are drills that can help you feel this motion and ingrain it to become a better ball striker. Below is the hinge and hold drill that I give all of my students to help ingrain this motion. 

Start with the club parallel to the ground and feel as if the club your right shoulder and right hip are delivering the club to Impact together. This will allow the correct sequence where the Swing will start from the ground up. The hips will clear and then the torso will follow. If we think get the hips going first then the lower body gets to far ahead. This leads to the hands releasing early and then the Swing bottom moves back. The result is fat and thin shots along with shots that are offline. Pulls and pushes hooks and slices. Work on this drill daily if possible and use it to warm up on the Range to get your workhorse active in your swing. It will lead to better dynamics and improve your accuracy and impact. Also added distance to all of your shots. 

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