James Sieckmann Book  James Sieckmann Interview 64 James Sieckmann Book 199x300 James Sieckmann joins us to talk about his new book , Your Short Game Solution.

James Sieckmann short game guru to more than eighty Tour pros on both the PGA and LPGA joins us to talk about his new book. Your Short Game Solution. James sutided first hand the short game of players like Seve Ballesteros , Raymond Floyd and Cory Pavin. The benefits of a good short game are undisputed. Unfortunately, players at all levels fail to develop effective short-game skills because instructors teach the exact opposite of the correct technique. He found out why they were masters on shots inside of 120 yards. He tells us his story and how he became connected with these great players.He will fill us in on an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system, Your Short Game Solution will be the go-to guide anywhere golf is played.

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