Jordan Speith WinsUS Open 2105  Jordan Speith Youngest U.S.Open Winner Jordan Speith WinsUS Open 2105















Jordan Speith is now the youngest winner of our national golf championship the U.S. Open 2015 at Chambers Bay. As other players crumbled around him Jordan hung on to seal the deal on his second major win of the 2015 season. Louis Oosthuizen poured on the birdies coming down the stretch but came up one shot short. The course was far from your normal U.S.Open layout but still gave us thrills and drama like U.S. Opens from the past. The key here is what we can learn from this young man and apply it to our game. First off you are never out of it . Even when Jordan doubled the 16th hole he continued to do the best he could to hit the next shot. He gave it his full attention and continued to stick to his normal play. The rest of the field was up and down but Jordan had one bad hole and then charged on. He felt that it would not be enough. In the end Dustin missed his eagle putt and then his birdie to leave Jordan the last man standing. What we must remember is that we can only control what we do and how we handle the situation we are in at the present moment. More than likely Dustin got a little ahead of himself. Jordan stayed in the moment and did not worry about the next shot or the next hole. He knows that if he only worries about the shot in front of him then he will have a much better time of controlling his game. he then let’s the chips fall as they may. Today the chips fell his way and in the future there will be many more that fall his way as long as he continues to play the way he has been. Jack always said that as long as he gave himself a chance he had a chance to win it. In his day many of the events he won were much like this years victories for Jordan. He played the best he could and put himself in a position to win. Other just crumbled around him as the man of steel remained cool and calm. All of our best to Jordan and his family on this Father’s Day. Here’s to the hope that he completes the grand slam this year. He is half way there and I for one would love to see it happen.