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The game of golf is one of the most difficult to play at a high level. Reaching single digit or better takes years of commitment. That being said the road to getting better also takes the player to believe that with hard work they will achieve their goal. That goal must be taken in step and not leaps. No matter what it is that we want in life. Playing better golf, becoming something we are not at the moment takes much time and work. Nothing that is worth while comes easy. The road to success is paved with good intentions and along the way will be several road blocks that will get in our way to our final goal. many of those road blocks at put in place by ourselves. Think of how many time you have told yourself that you can’t do it. This and negative self talk will surely prevent you from getting closer to your destination. If you have true desire and passion about your goal no matter what it is you will eventually reach it. The key is that you believe that you can. At the moment there is one of the best players in the world and history of the game who is going through this right now as I write this blog post. We all know who he is. If there is anyone who has believe in themselves it is him. But sometimes even the best in the world have road blocks they must overcome. Some are self inflicted and other just happen. But if they seek ways to improve or regain what they have lost in good time thing will come together. Players of a high level believe that it will happen faster. Sometimes faster than it should. But time take time even at a high level. it is a process that will come when and only if you believe and are committed to the task. For most of us who have never played at the level we are trying to achieve we have to take it in smaller steps. getting a little better over a long period of time and then continue with the process to get to the next level in our goal. Here is how I look at not only life but how I achieve my goals. A great sculpture starts with a giant block of marble. In their head they have a vision. A goal of what they want the block to be at the finish. So they get out their chisel and begin to take small chips out of the marble. Some of the chips come off easy. In big chunks due to the fact that that point of the process the marble might be soft. Then they hit a vain in the marble that is harder then the rest. This vain takes longer to chip away. Our lives are our goals are much like this. At times we face things that are hard to understand or grasp. We want to give up or give in because it would be easier then continuing. But the person who has belief in themselves will not take the easy road. They will continue to take those ever so small chips out of the marble. Working hard towards their final goal. You will hit these points in your game that is that hard vain. if you believe that you can then you will get through it. And when you do you will feel a great sense of relief and accomplishment. In the end you will see this wonderful sculpture that has taken time to complete. Other will marvel at it who have not reached that point yet. They will think that it came easy to you but you will know that it took time and effort along with help along the way from a watchful eye like a coach or instructor who was there to help you through those rough veins in the marble. Just remember that you can do anything in your game that you want with the help of a good instructor who you get along with and believing that you can!

Barnerd Bernard Sheridan is the founder of Par Breakers Golf Academy and the founding host of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan the weekly golf instruction podcast of iTunes and Stitcher radio. Please leave any comments below and if you feel you know someone who would benefit from this blog please share it on social media.

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