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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 177 Mark Russo PGA Interview

This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Mark Russo PGA from Maryland joins us for episode 177. Mark was voted by Golf Digest as Top teacher in State for 2017-18 season. Mark works with beginners to accomplished, low handicap players and even fellow golf professionals. Mark takes a caring approach that is based in serious study of all aspects of the game and how people learn. In this weeks interview Mark talks about his journey in the game and his passion for golf instruction. Mark has spent time with and learned from some of the best teachers and coaches in the game today, including Andrew Rice, Michael Breed, Ryan Chaney, Martin Chuck, Sean Foley, Mike Adams, Bernie Najar, Cameron McCormick, Chuck Cook, Martin Hall, and many more.  In every situation, my goal has been to find out what these great instructors know and bring it back to my lesson tee so that my students can benefit from the information.  Mixed with my beliefs on the golf swing and short game, these experiences have molded my teaching style and helped me become a better communicator and a more caring coach.

Mark is a TrackMan owner and Certified Professional, a TPI Level 2 Golf Professional, and was one of the first ever BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certified Professionals.  Since 2006, I have been a proud Titleist Staff Member and Certified Fitter.

Contact – http://markrussopga.com/


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