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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 159 Game Like Training Interview

This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 159 is our interview with Game Like Training Team. They are changing the way coach’s and players work together and touching ways to learn like never before in the world of golf learning.

Here is just a taste of what Game Like training is about.

At Game Like Training Golf we believe that whether a beginner, intermediate, advance, or professional Golf coach, we have the tools for you. Through curiosity and an obsession to learn, GLT has developed a deep understanding of key learning principles such as Motor Learning, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Performance Psychology and the Neuro anatomical relationships that take place during the golf swing.

It is extremely important to us that our resources provide a golf college, and university type experience. This is so players and coaches are exposed to the most current scientific literature. There are so many publications discussing research projects that it is almost impossible to keep up with. These publications are also written by academic professors who have not been out into the practical coaching environment. We dissect and transfer this complex information in to a practical coaching setting so that the masses can make sense, and apply it.

Each day we strive to challenge the way things are in the coaching world by seeking expert advice, trialing new strategies, and conducting research on human performance. We are driven and committed to educating and inspiring the athletic world.


Contact – https://www.gltgolf.com/


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