Breaking Par Episode 119 Evan Kussoff

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Episode 119 Evan Kussoff


Evan Kussoff joins us for episode 119 and talks bio- mechanics and fitness.

While attending Penn State University, majoring in Kinesiology, I had an opportunity to move to Jupiter, FL and intern under PGA Tour Biomechanics expert, Coach Joey Diovisalvi. Fitness expert to PGA Tour players like Dustin Johnson and Ricky Folwer. While at Joey D Golf, I experienced first hand what goes into training players of all ages, including some of the most elite players on tour. Upon graduating with my bachelor’s degree in 2014, I went on to work alongside Coach Joey D for two seasons as a Biomechanics Coach. During those seasons, I had the opportunity to train competitive amateurs, long drive competitors, and professionals from numerous tours, helping them all understand the importance of knowing their golf body in order to prevent injury and improve their game.

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