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Breaking Par Episode 54 Geoff Mangum – Putting Zone

Welcome to this weeks Episode 54 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan
Geoff Mangum Geoff Mangum is the founder of The Putting Zone.
Over twenty-five years gaining world’s best expertise for coaching putting in golf. Combines comprehensive study of putting with modern neuroscience of perception and movement with anatomy and physiology, motor sports skills development, and physics as the first and only teacher to integrate all four skills of putting — reading or predicting the curve of the ball’s path into the hole with the golfer’s personal pace control (“touch”), aiming according to the start line of the read, stroking straight online wherever aimed, and stroking with the correct tempo and rhythm to control the pace or speed of the putt. Dozens of first-ever innovations for teaching putting skills by understanding how the skills work in the human body for perception and movement processes at nonconscious level. Taught 1,000 PGA teachers in a room in Munich 2005; first pro student won a Major (2003 PGA Championship) after a single lesson, improving from the bottom to the top of the field in putting and tripling his income; first amateur student won a Major after a single lesson (2010 British Amateur Championship) and then was 14th in his first professional event as an amateur (2010 British Open); many other pro and amateur successes on a similar level; top website in the world for golf putting with over 4.5 million visits and 200,000 visits monthly from 50+ countries. Now with 195 certified PZ Coaches in 21 Countries worldwide.
Covered in this episode – Extra Long Show
Finding Slope – Fall Line
Aim point & more..PZ_CertCoach

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