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Welcome to Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Each week Bernard speaks with top golf instructors from around the globe. Interviews that lead to a wealth of knowledge into the game. Past guests include David Leadbetter , Brian Crowell , Brian Manzella , Matt Kluck , Ralph Landrum , Jason Helman , Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, David MacKenzie , Mike Fay, Dr. Robert J. Neal just to name a few. Below you will find several past episodes.

Keep track of your scores to improve your game

Keeping track of your scores can help you better understand where you are losing shots and what part of your game need improvement. Here is a sample of how to get a few stats on

Pre-round Preparations

Many recreational golfers arrive at the course and check in then drive out to the range and hit a few wedges ,7 irons and a few Drives then with a few minutes before their tee

Play Like A Champion

  The first thing you have to do to play like a champion is to think like one. Your mental state can make or break your round no matter how good your swing is. But

Learning the Game or Making a Swing Change

If you are new to the game of golf and just starting or have been playing for years and begin to take lessons improvement take time. Most players think that a few lessons will get

Should you hit down on irons and up with woods?

We have all heard we have to hit down at the ball with our irons. But when we feel like we are hitting down the result can not be what we want. I see many

Know your carry distance to shoot lower

Know your carry distance to lower your scores I see many players practicing on the range and feel that a shot is a success if it goes in the distance of their intended target line.

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 187 Darin Hovis of Par4Fitness

This weeks guest on Breaking par with Bernard Sheridan is Darin Hovis. Darin is the founder of Par 4 Fitness located in Naples Florida. His passion is helping golfers of all abilities to achieve maximum

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 186 Terry Hashimoto Boditrak

This weeks on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan the founder of the pressure mat for sports including golf BodiTrak Terry Hashimoto. Terry is from Canada and talks about how he came up with the Boditrk

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 185 Rick Wright Putting

Rick Wright joins us for episode 185 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Rick is the creator of the Putting T- Bar training aid and The Putting Laser Optics used to improve a players aim

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Sam Adams Interview Episode 184


Total downloads on the top shows. So many great guests to listen to.

Dr, Sasho MacKenzie 98%
David Leadbetter 93%
Brian Manzella 90%
Matt Kluck 95%
Dr. Robert J. Neal 95%
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