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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 144 Rick Marcy Interview

Rick Marcy is the inventor of the swing training aid called SmartBall Golf. This training aid helps the players find the bottom of their swing arc and get it in front of the ball. This helps you make solid strikes and hit the ball with the club moving down through impact. Rick has worked many years refining this product and it is now available on his website- https://www.smartballgolf.com/

Rick tells us his story of how he developed this awesome product and what goes into the process of producing a new product. he also lets us in on how it can improve your game. Here is a look at how it works.


How The SmartBallGolf LowPoint Trainer Works…



How it detects your swing and low point:

  • Uses a high tech laser screen to detect the low point of a golf swing.
  • After detecting the low point, the Smart Ball unit will display the corresponding light pattern.
  • Users can then work on adjusting their pattern, maintaining their pattern, repeating their pattern.


GREEN light swing:

  • Lighting all greens promotes weight, hand & shaft forward at impact position.
  • Divots would be located after the ball.
  • This is the light pattern is the level most golf professionals would create.

YELLOW light swing:

  • Lighting yellow lights can represent broken wrist at impact but with proper weight forward at impact.
  • Divots will often be located just before the ball.

RED light swing:

  • Lighting red lights represents the golfer’s weight and hands are back, behind the ball at impact.
  • Divots are located well before the ball.

NO LIGHT swing:

  • Not being able to light any of the LED lights on the device represents the user’s entire swing path is too high above the infrared light-screen.
  • The result is often a “topped,” shot.


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