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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 146 Jon Decker Interview

Jon Decker author of “Golf is My Life : Glorifying God Through the Game.”
” The book follows my life as a player and teacher and shows the parallels of golf and life intertwined with a strong Christian message. “

Jon talks about his journey in the game and how his life lessons lead him to write this book. Jon is touching many lives through the game and bringing the word of God along with it. This is a inspiring episode that I know you will enjoy. Jon has taught the game in  Orlando Florida at the Grande Cypress academy of golf under Fred Griffin, Phil Rodgers and Ralph Mann. For twenty years he learned his craft and moved to Ohio where he is now the Director of Golf at New Albany Country Club. Throughout his career he has worked with all levels of players from beginner to LPGA and PGA Pros.Jon knows that coaching is about relationships and interacting with his clients.

Contact Jon-http://www.jondeckergolf.com/

Buy the book – https://www.amazon.com/Golf-My-Life-Glorifying-Through/dp/1635253438


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