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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 94

Kelly Blake Moran joins us to talk about golf course architecture. What is in the mind of an architect when they layout a course. What are their goals and why do they do what they do. Is it to help players enjoy the course or to torture them. Maybe a little of both.


Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects is a professional golf course architecture practice providing complete design services.  Our firm applies knowledge and experience to master routing plans, construction documents and post construction grow-in and long term maintenance programs.  The firm’s design services are based upon Mr. Moran’s unique philosophy that a first-hand experience of the property is the only way to develop a rich and meaningful design solution for all aspects of course design.  Our land-based approach ensures the course will be challenging, interesting, and pleasurable to play by the way each hole makes use of the site’s natural features. 

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