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Bring Your Game Back to Life!

This time of year most golfers are winding down the season and getting ready for a lay off over late fall and winter. Here in Naples at Impact Zone the weather is perfect for bringing your game back to life. Course conditions are great and the best way to keep your game fresh is to work on the important parts that help you improve your Impact all year long.

The main things that we are always looking to improve is consistency and distance control. The best way to improve consistency is to improve your swing bottom. In order to strike the ball high enough on the face we need to have our swing bottom four inches in front of the center of the ball. This will have you strike the ball first then take a divot. The deepest and widest part of your divot should be right at that four inch mark in front of the ball.

At Impact the shaft will be leaning forward and still moving down as the club make contact. The feeling is not hitting down but hitting through to the turf in front of the ball. I have many of my players work more on hitting the turf in front than hitting the ball. This will produce the correct angle of attack and as you can see in the photo to get the center of the ball on the center of the club face.

The best way to work on this is to place two lines on the ground about four inches apart.

Set your golf club up about a inch behind the back line or ball line and make full swing and try to take a divot. The divot should start just in front of the ball line and the deepest point of the divot should be at the second line. The more you work on this without a ball the better. When I have my students do the line drill and take at least three swings without the ball. If they can get the correct result on all three strikes then I let them try the same with a ball in the way. If the divot moves back , in other words is at three inches or only two ahead of the ball when the ball is in the way I have them go back and do the drill again without a ball. We call this ball bound factor and every players has it.  Some more than others. The object is trying to get the divot ahead at that for inch mark when the ball is in the way. Once this happens you will see improvement in ball flight and accuracy along with consistency. This is also a great way to improve your impact right in your own yards without hitting balls. This is for every club in your bag except your putter and driver. The reason being we don’t take a divot with these clubs.

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