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Bryson DeChambeau’s Confidence is Key

Bryson DeChambeau is on a run and there are many who think it is his Swing that has lead to three wins on the PGATour in 2018. Bryson has worked hard to fine tune his swing so it is repetitive and holds up under pressure. I believe the real key to Bryson’s Run is due to his high level of confidence. Without preparation our confidence is always a bit lower than not. The preparation has helped Bryson raise his level of confidence and conviction. He believes in what he is doing and feels that if he can continue he is unbeatable. So far he has proven this to be true. What ever Swing you have the key is to make it repeat. There are many of us who can do that no problem when we are on the range. But to take it to the course and even tougher into competition requires a true confidence in ones mind. That confidence can not be waved when a poor shot pops up. As we all know a poor shot will happen even in the best of rounds. We have to stay positive and confident to keep those good rounds going when the poor shots happen. That is the key to consistency under pressure. It take just as much practice as your Swing does. Maybe even more. Remember that without the feeling of confidence over the ball our results will not be as we intended. We have to have belief that we can hit every shots as we intended even when we know that data proves otherwise. This is without a doubt the toughest part of the game. All the best to play had confidence. Without it they would not have lasted very long I The PGA Tour. For the moment Bryson has seemed to have the engine firing on all cylinders. Both physically and mentally. Once a good player gets it going they are hard to stop. The next time you play make sure you choose your shot wisely and don’t pull the trigger until you feel confident a out what you are about to do. If not the fake it till you make it. Tell yourself you can do it and soon you will believe you can. Next thing you know you will. All players have to start this process to become confident and have success in their game. So put in the time and you will reap the benefits.

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