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Can Better Lag Putting Lead to Lower Scores?

 The best percentage of putts dropped for both the average player and tour players is inside of 5 feet. This is where you have your best chance to make a one putt. So it stands to reason that if you can get the ball closer to the hole when you are outside of that distance you have a better opportunity  to make a two putt for par. The best way to get started is to work on your long putts. Lag the ball closer and that second putt will be easier to drop for par. We all have long putts during a round and if you can get the ball within two feet of the cup you will up your chances of making par or birdie by 65%. Here is the best way to practice becoming better at long putts. First lay a flag stick or club two feet behind the cup as shown in (photo two). Next pace off fifty feet from the cup and drop three balls. Now you will make ten putts to the cup. Your goal is to try and get your ball in between the cup and the stick. If you are short of the cup you score zero. If you are in between the cup and the stick give yourself one point. If you hit the stick you lose a point. The best way to knock it close is to not look at the ball but only look at the cup as you take a stroke. ( See Photo one with me looking at the hole and putting. ) This will engage your depth perception and make it easier to judge distance. Take a few practice strokes while you are looking at the hole. Feel the distance and stroke that you think you will need to get the ball in between the cup and the stick. Then let it roll while you look at the cup. You will start to get the hang of it after the first three balls you hit. Hit ten at this fifty foot distance keeping your score. Next move to forty feet and again do the same exercise. Still keeping your score. Now move to thirty feet and make another ten putts. If you score between 20 or more points total you are on your way to eliminating three putts in your game. Ten to twenty points you are doing good but need to do the exercise again. Under ten points and you need to keep up the work until you can up your score. As long as you look at the hole and not the ball with putts from these distances you will start to improve in no time. If you have any question just leave a comment below or feel free to contact me directly. I am always here to help you take control of your game. Bernard Sheridan is a certified Putting Zone Coach. Learn to putt better than a PGA Pro by calling 215-518-0435 and enter the land of no more Three Putts



Bernard Sheridan Lag Putting

Look at the hole when you take your practice swing.

Photo two ( Set up your practice station as shown here. Flag stick with a stick one and a half feet behind the flag.)


lag putting drill

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