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Can Ground Force Give Your Swing More Power?


Ground force is how a players build and store power in the back swing and releases that stored power through the downswing into impact and to a finish. As in all sports power and ground force go hand in hand. A pitcher uses his back leg to push off of the ground towards home plate. He stores that power into his back leg on the wind up and then pushes off as he delivers the pitch. In order to build power in the golf swing much of the same happens. The player winds up on the back swing using a stable base. This means maintaining knee flex at the top of the back swing. The reason why is that the right leg begins to straighten as the player pushes off the ground to create power and move towards the target. If the right leg loses this knee flex on the back swing then less power is produced. Think about if you wantd to jump as high as you could. You would squat down as low as you could go then jump up using the ground to propel you. Your weight should be pushed into the ground on the back leg and stored there in waiting for the downswing. As the downswing begins that push towards the target with the rear leg and core begin to happen. (As we see in the photo above the height of the red lines represent the force that the player is exerting into the ground. ) That force then has a lateral shift towards the target and the front foot pre-impact. The players then has a vertical force off of the front foot which straightens the front leg at into and through impact and through the release of the club. The force then begins to dissipate at the finish. Balance and core strength help build a steady base for the players to get the most ground force through the swing. The stronger the core the easier a solid foundation can occur and balance is achieved. So work on that core and drills to help achieve good balance. This will help you gain stability in your swing. In turn you will then create greater ground force during your swing and stay in control to produce the most power your body can muster. If you have any questions please leave them below. To learn more about how you can “Take Control of Your Game !” contact Par Breakers Golf Academy –  215-518-0435.

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