Craig Foster Interview 77

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Craig Foster Interview 77

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       Craig Foster aka “Dr. DynAlign ” joins us for Episode 77 of Breaking Par with Bernard  Sheridan. Craig is the founder of a method that helps you get perfect alignment in putting and chipping.

A repeatable and consistent arc stroke can be made when the arms, hands, and golf club move in synchronized motion. A putter face can also be more reliably aimed on a target line once there has been a reduction of slack in the joints that connect golfer and golf club. DynAlign can show how to reduce slack in the golfer to golf club connection and create a stable arc stroke. Once an arc has been created, the clubface can be more reliably aimed on a target line.  The benefit is that you can have a stroke that is more accurate, repeatable, and low maintenance while maintaining good feel for distance in the dominant hand.
Putting machines and robots don’t require a pre-shot routine before every shot. Once the hinges have been set, a putting machine can make repeatable motion putt after putt.  Golfers have more joints that effect club motion than the arms and hinges of a putting machine, and motion in these joints needs to be accounted for before every stroke.   DynAlign can show golfers how to benefit from firming up some of the sources of motion in their joints to create a single assemblage of golfer and golf club during the DynAlign pre-shot routine.

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