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Crush Your Game this Year

In order to really improve this year you have to set goals for your game. This will take much dedication on your part because not only will you have to practice and put in time but you need to gather data to understand what you have to work on to improve. The first thing you want to do is start to keep a log of your shots during your rounds. How many fairways did you hit? ( F.I. R.)  What club did you hit into the green? (G.I.R.) How many greens did you hit? If you missed did you get up and down for par? If you did hit the green then how many putts did you have on the hole? Once you start to gather this information over the course of ten rounds you can begin to understand a little better what parts of your golf game are weak and what parts are strong.


Next you want to see and instructor who has technology that can measure your swing. Is the face open or closed? What is the path of the club? How about launch angle of the ball and swing bottom? These are just a few of the data points that they can gather for you during a lesson.

Once you settle on a instructor give them the information that you gathered during those ten rounds. Then have them conduct a swing evaluation to see why some of these things are happening. Once the instructor gathers the information during a lesson they will recommend drills you should work on to start the improvement process. You both can now come up with a game plan and begin to chart your improvement. But remember that it is important to keep the lines of communication open in between lessons. If you are not sure if your are doing your drills correctly then contact your coach and ask questions. They will be happy to answer them to keep you on track. A great way that we do that at Impact Zone golf is with a app called Edufii. This lets us post videos and notes to our students and they can do the same. Both the instructors and students can talk back and forth through this app and always be on the same page.

Next is important that you stay on a schedule where you practice your drills each week and return for your sessions with your instructor. The longer between lessons the sooner you will fall back into your old habits. If you stay in a program on a weekly basis you will begin to improve and not fall back to the old swing faults that undermine our game. This is so very important. Of course you also need to get out and play and continue to take data down to chart your improvement. Remember if you stick with it and work with a good instructor your game will improve over time. Great players were not made overnight. It is a process and as you get better the fun meter go up and your scores will go down.

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