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Dan Connelly the developer of True Length technology club fitting joins us on episode 131 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan.

Dan Connelly, the developer of the Award Winning – True Length Technology® Advanced Golf Club Fitting System – joins us on episode 131 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan..

  • True Length Technology® is a precision length and lie Fitting System (developed on CAD) that eliminates ‘my long irons are too long and my short irons are too short’. Dan recognized the need for improvement in the way golf clubs are fit and built. The combination of length and lie is paramount for superior directional control and solid contact, and needed to be addressed due to the variety in size of players. Dan, is a Certified Advanced Professional and Master level Club maker and Fitter.
  • With the ability to fit and build clubs for the extremely tall, as well as the petite the True Length Technology® math model  allows everyone to stand tall and athletic, promoting a powerful turn with solid contact – with every club, regardless of your size.
  • Dan spent 20 years employed as a high level Metrologist (the art of measurement) for General Motors in the Canadian Regional Engineering Centre in Oshawa ON. As a Precision Inspector, Dan operated CAD systems, coordinate measuring machines, and high level inspection tools on a daily basis. Now ‘Precision’ has been brought into the world of Club Fitting.
  • Contact – 905-263-8510
  • http://danscustomgolfshop.com/