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David Breslow Interview 132 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

David Breslow joins us to for episode 132 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Wired to Win–is based on the simple wisdom of centuries old laws and truths with provable modern science of human performance. Why? Because It offers you the simplest path.  Simple. Accessible. Repeatable. It is a model that proves itself over and over again. It targets the truth with deadly accuracy and is a path that puts thee power so many of us “give away” back in your hands–where it always was! Why make it complicated?


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Here’s what you know:


  • If you could get out of your way you’d play better golf

  • If you could relax more you’d play better golf

  • If you could use the power of your mind better–you’d play better golf

Here’s what I know:

  • You’re much closer to playing better golf than you think!

Coaches and sports psychologists have the same goal for you–to help you be your best–what separates Wired to Win from others is HOW EASILY you get there!

The approach makes the difference. Everybody can talk about the importance of confidence, focus, resilience and all the key performance traits but The Laws of Golf Performance  give you immediate access to them and are only taught here.

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David Breslow
The Simplicity Coach
Elevating One Life and Game at A Time

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