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How to Dial in Your Short Game Inside 100 yards for Better Scores

Today I was working with a student who is having issues getting the ball to stop on the green. Everything she hit ran through. Here are a few pointers that we went over in our lesson. I know it will help you score better and lower your handicap within four weeks.


  1. Know your distance and choose the club of choice. Remember if you’re at 70 yards it’s not always a sand wedge. It might be a knockdown eight iron. You also have to look at the trouble around the green you have to carry a hazard. If there is no trouble in front of the green then an eight iron bump and run might be a better choice.


  1. Use a normal grip as you would in a full swing. Then choke up half way and check the distance with a full swing. Next choke up to the bottom of the grip and make a full swing. What is the difference in distance for each position of grip? 

Write it down so you know the yardage for each. Do this with all of your scoring clubs. 8iron – Sand wedge.

Now you have information to check for the shot and distance you will encounter on your rounds.


  1. Now do the same drill with half swings only taking the club back to the 9:00 position on your backswings. Make a full finish and check your distance. Again try this shot with the different grips. Check the distance on each grip type. Again write it down in your little note book of in your notepad on your phone for future reference.


  1. Changing trajectory to change the release of the ball. Now make swings with a abbreviated finish.

Use all of your scoring clubs and write down the distance of each. The abbreviated finish will get the ball on the lower trajectory and allow the ball to roll out more. With the full swing you will have a high finish and make the ball trajectory higher which will land softer. A softer landing equals less roll. Again write down the results in your notes.

The best way to lower your scores is to experiment with all the shot types inside of 100 yards with all of your clubs. This will now give you a variety of choices for different situations that you will encounter during your rounds of golf. Use these notes in your practice sessions to begin to understand how to control your shots.

On the course you will eventually have a instinct of which of these shots will be best for the situation you are facing. The end result will lead to better scores and better control of your shots making.

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