Do Little Things Matter to Play Your Best?

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Do Little Things Matter to Play Your Best?

Do the Little Things Matter to Play Your Best?

So many times when a players has a poor round they blame it on their swing. But that might not always be the case. In order for us to make our best swing there are little things that we have to pay attention to before we go. here are just a few of those things that will help you play your best.
1.Always choose a target. As in the photo above we see the players choosing where he wants his shot to end up. So many players don’t choose a specific target. The small you make this target the better. Think of a dart board. If you aim for the board and you misss you missed the entire board. If you aim for the bullseye and misss at least you still hit the board.

2. Always make sure you a aiming at your intended target and that you shoulders hips and feet are parallel to your target line. Do this by choosing a aimpoint on the target line a few inches in front of the ball. This will help you be sure you are aiming with correct alignment. Alignment is so improtant because if you are off by only a few degrees the ball will end up well off your target. Remember that for every degree your aim is off the ball will miss it’s target by three yards every 100 yards the ball travels.

3. Once you do the steps above take a practice swing to fine tune feel and tempo. This will help relax your muscles and also help you find your swing bottom for the lie you are on. Take that practice swing and make sure while you do to take a slight divot. How many times have you hit a poor shot and realize that the ball was slightly below or above your feet. This practice swing will help you make sure you are bottoming out your swing arc in the right place.
4. If you can picture all this in your mind before you go. Some players have a hard time visualizing the shot. If you are one of those players no need to worry. As long as you go through the steps above on each and every shot then you will be fine. If you can visualize the shot then do so. This is always a good way to know before hand just what you want to occur.

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