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Does Your Golf Game Make You Feel Like A Blockhead?

Golf can be a confusing sport. Sometimes we feel

Like we know absolutely nothing about the game and wonder why we even play. Let’s face it nobody wants to feel like a Blockhead. So with all the information that is out there on the Golf Channel and in Golf magazines it’s hard to sift through and find what works for you. The truth is that all you really need to worry about is Impact. That is the moment of truth. There are many players that are tied up in getting everything perfect and trying to hard. Golf is a athletic motion and has to be fluid. There are only a few thing you need to be concerned about in order to begin playing better. The first is taking a divot after the ball. All the best players strike the ball and then take a divot. At Impact Zone Golf we have found that the optimal low point of the swing arc is 4” ahead of the center of the ball. Most of us are too tied up in staying focused on the ball. This cause the release of the club to happen to soon. This leads to fat and thin shots. The key is to look slightly ahead of the ball and try to strike the ground at that point.


A drill that I give many of my students is the line drill. This is a simple drill that helps improve your Impact and move your divot ahead of the ball. Using Impact powder or something you can draw a line with place two lines on the turf or on a hitting mat. Set up behind the back line and take a full swing. You want to nearly catch the back line and strike the front line. You don’t want to see this happen as you do it. That is why we place the lines on the turf. So now you can swing freely and after you strike the turf and can go back an check your lines. This is the first step to improving your Impact. This helps get your hands ahead of the clubhead at impact like we see in so many better players. The faster you can improve this dynamic the faster your scores will drop. On average for every inch you can move your divot ahead of the ball will equate to four shots off you total score.


If you would like to go a step further then give us a call 239-236-5536 and set up a Swing assessment. We are here to relieve your frustration in your game.

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