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How does Swing bottom affect your game?


Low point in the golf Swing makes a huge difference on your shot making. All the best players in history had forward swing bottom.We all know that low point needs to happen after the ball for all of our shots. This will allow the club to strike the ball first and then the turf after. That will allow the divot to begin at around the center of the ball and move forward towards the target. If we can get the deepest and widest part of that divot to be 4 inches ahead of the center of the ball we will get better compression and enter transfer from the club to the ball. We will also achieve higher club head speed. This is because we are not striking the ground before the ball. Every time we strike the ground first it slows the club down. This in turn slows overall club head speed results in shorter shots.
At Impact Zone Golf low point is one of the five dynamics we teach. It allows forward shaft lean and ball striking higher on the face. There are several swing drills you can do to work on this technique. The key is to be able to do this consistently without a ball first. Then introduce a ball and check your results. The drill that I have been using for years with my students is the Line Drill.
Below is a video showing one of my students learning how to perform this drill during a lesson.

The sooner you can get the 4 inch forward Swing bottom to become consistent the faster your ball striking will improve. Of course improving your ball striking will help lower your scores and lift your confidence level.


Bernard Sheridan is a staff instructor for Impact Zone Golf in Naples Fl. at Tiburón Golf Club Home of Impact Zone Golf and the Shark Shootout. For lesson info contact Impact Zone at 239-236-5536 and ask for a lesson with Bernard Sheridan.

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