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What will I learn in Par Breakers Premium Video Lessons?

Learn more than ever before right from your smart phone , tablet or desktop. Premium lesson videos covering basic to advanced instruction. Starting with bio mechanics learn how to test yourself to find your best possible grip, set-up, stance, swing plane and more. The series will continue with more lessons on Putting, Short game, Drills, Full Swing.  Learn how ground force works in the swing. How to apply the correct ground force to change your ball flight. These are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

  • Impact-Position-Through-the-Years   Impact and how to achieve the bottom of your swing arc in the correct place.

  • Green overheadGreen reading better than the PGA Pros. Learn how to use true calculations to determine break and speed.
    No More Three Putts!

  • believeLearn better practice habits to seamlessly take your game from the range to the course.

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Over 10,000 private lessons taught and over 575 Swing Fix Student lessons online. Teaching since 1998.

  • Advanced Impact Zone Certified
  • Certified Putting Zone Coach
  • 4 Elements Putting Certified
  • Body Balance Golf Fit Certified
  • U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor
  • Mizuno Certified Club Fitter
  • R&D Field Consultant Swinguru 3D Swing Analysis Software


John Grozinski Det.NPD- Just took my first lesson with Bernard, WOW. The man really knows the game of golf.The facility is top notch with indoor rages and a number of simulators.Bernard’s passion really shines through with his teaching methods, drills and techniques. Oh and yes, he does assign homework, but that’s okay. Looking forward to the drills and can’t wait for my next lesson.


Jim C.- Just finished next to last lesson in my package. Very pleased with Bernard’s methods,drills and techniques. After twenty plus years playing this game I am finally taking a divot! Golf will be fun this year. I highly recommend Bernard and Par Breakers.


Robert Buckwalter, Phoenixville (Pa.)
“Bernard totally revamped my swing. Prior to my lessons with Bernard I was like most golfers, not really sure where the ball was going at any given point. Bernard gave me the tools to build consistency in my swing. I have so much more confidence and consistency, and it’s all due to my lessons with Bernard. I was hesitant to pay for lessons thinking that I wouldn’t get a “real” benefit. I heard stories from other players how lessons only made their games worse. I’m so glad that I made the commitment to work with Bernard and Par Breakers. The return on my investment has been 10-fold. Bernard’s methods build consistency and are easy to understand. It was not just a band aid, it was a fix for good. He builds you from the ground up and gets results. I’m proof.”

The more I practice the luckier I get! – Gary Player

Take that step today and poor play will be a distant memory.