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How to Have More Fun Playing Your Next Round of Golf

Are you playing from the Tee Box that fits your ability level or your ego? Many players play from incorrect Tees because their buddies are or to make them feel like they are better than they really are. What we have to remember is we are out they to have fun and improve. We want to shoot the lowest score possible and also keep pace of play moving. So how do you know which Tee Box you should choose? Below is a chart that suggests the average length of the course you should be playing by how far your hit your driver on average. The average PGA Tour Pro drive is 300 yards. Most mid handicap players average drive is 225 – 250 yards. 

Most players should be playing courses that are just around 6000 yards. But most Play from 6400-6700.

This leads to longer shots into the green. Most PGA Tour Pros are hitting a 8 iron or less into all par 4 holes. Right now the average most middle handicap players are hitting a 7 iron or more as their second shot into par 4’s. That makes it harder to score and not as much fun. Try this the next time you play and encourage your playing partners to do the same. Play from 5400-5600 yards and see if you can beat your all time best score. I bet you will score the same as from 6400 yards or you might shoot two shots better. Continue playing the shorter tees until you beat your personal best then move back to the next Tee Box back. Not only will you have more fun but you will learn how to score low and build your confidence. This will improve your overall skill level. Learning how to go low is how you can stay low as you move back to where you would normally play. The key is not moving back until you achieve your desired score.

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