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Get a Grip on your Game!

Vijay crosshand

Vijay Singh pitching cross handed

There are several different ways to grip the golf club. Interlock, overlap, ten finger. In the palm in the fingers and somewhere in between. Depending on what you feel comfortable with and what type of shot you are trying to create any of these will work. It is personal preference and style. Here at Impact Zone Golf we don’t get caught up in styles of swings or grip. We want you to embrace your own personal style. If you look on tour there are many types of grips and styles. As many as there are players. Today I was watching Vijay Singh use a cross handed grip to chip with. This is a style that he is trying right now and it seems to be working for him. So no matter what grip you choose as long as it is producing the results and allowing you to create the 5 dynamics in your swing consistently then I say stick to it. Be yourself and embrace your individual style. When it come to grip pressure that is a different story. I see many high handicap players along with mid handicap players losing shots on their scorecard because they grip the club to tight. This brings tension into the hands and forearms along with added tension into the shoulders and torso. That can have a great affect on your swing and the freedom of movement in the swing. This also affects tempo and robs the player of a smooth transition from the top down to impact. There are many ways to get your grip pressure right. Here is a way that I have found works the fastest for most players.


vertical grip drillHold the club with your grip of choice vertical like shown here. Close your eyes and begin to make small circles with the club head in a clock wise direction. Can you feel the club head? Begin to loosen your grip until you can begin to feel the club head and where it is moving in that circle. Now reverse the direction while still keeping your eyes closed. Loosen your grip even more then begin to adjust the pressure until you can fell where that club head is at all time and control where it is at all times. You will soon find out that the grip you have been using is much firmer then the one you have now. Use this pressure in your full swing grip. This will give you better feel and translate into your entire swing tempo and feel. You will be playing better and adding club head speed along with it. Remember that tension robs you of feel and tempo along with speed. For more information on how to transform your game and play the best golf of your life contact us at: https://impactzonegolf.com/

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Bernard Sheridan is the founding host of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan the weekly golf instruction podcast of iTunes and Stitcher radio.
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