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Golf: How is your takeaway?

We all know we don’t hit the ball with our back swing. With that said I notice in a high percentage of amateur players get the club too far inside on the takeaway. I believe that is because in their minds they want to strike the ball from a in to out swing path. So they think start inside come back inside. If we look at the majority of Tour pros the club stays even with their hands by the time the club get to parallel on the back swing. Then the club begins to work its way more vertical to  the top. This keeps the club and the players hands more in front of their core. If the club and hands get too much inside from the start of the backswing it can get stuck on the down swing. The players subconscious knows this so the first move is to get the club back in front of the core to deliver it to impact. This causes that over the top out to in swing path which leads to fat, thin shots along with pulls , hooks and pull cut shots. To help this work on this drill. Take the club back until it is parallel to the ground. Do this with your eyes closed. Then I want you to look back and see where the club really is. You want the club to look like it does in the photos above. Do this until you can hit you mark 8 out of 10 times. Once you get back out on the course you will start to see ball flight improve in  direction. Less shots to the left and less pushed shots.


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