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Golf Tips Control Your Speed on the Putting Green

Putting is a game within the game. It has a huge impact on your score and accounts for 40% of your total shots. So it is a good idea to get good on the greens if you will ever shoot low scores. They are of course some basics that need to be followed if you are going to be a good putter. First is understanding the speed of the greens. Aim is also important but we have to remember that speed dictates break. If you speed is too slow the putt will break more. If it is too fast the you will hit it right through the break.

A good way to keep the pace correct is the set up a measurement when practicing putts before your round. Here the player is using a golfers toolbox that has inches marked on it. He take the putter back a 10 inches the through ten inches at a steady pace. He then measures how far the ball rolled. Now he is getting a idea of how fast the far the ball rolls when he makes a certain size stroke. Here his ball travelled 10 feet. Now he know that for every inch he takes the putter back and through it will roll a foot. So let’s say he is faced with a 13 foot putt. Now he knows to take the putter head back 13 inches and let it go through the ball 13 inches in order for to roll the proper speed and distance. You will begin to get a feel for these distances. This will help you control distance much better on the greens. Once you get use to this you will also have a consistent width of your stance. I know I like to have my feet about eight inches apart. This make the distance from the ball to my outside of my back foot 10 inches. Try this and see how your putting begins to improve and your putts begin to roll smoother.


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