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Happy New Year 2015 from Par Breakers


Much has happened here during 2014. We have launched a new website and are getting ready to launch our online memberships this Spring. Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan the podcast has been added and that has given Par Breakers a chance to reach even more players and help them improve. At our Limerick Pa. location we have moved into a larger space that now allows both left and right handed players to access our Flightscope and newly added E6 simulator software. Now our students can play eighteen holes using the most accurate launch monitor available. We have updated our Swing Guru 3D software and it is better than ever.
Our YouTube channel has reached over One Million views and now almost two thousand subscribers. The year ahead looks even more promising with the addition of a new 3D wireless system that is in the works.Our new mental game approach with Fluid Motion Factor the cutting edge to getting and playing in the zone. Interviews with PGA and LPGA Tour players and instructors on our podcast every week. Below are the most popular shows this past year from our podcast and the most viewed videos on our YouTube channel. Thank you for being a part of Par Breakers Golf Academy and now Breaking Par Podcast. I hope that your 2015 golfing year is the best yet. Remember that we are just an email away and you can post your comments and questions below. We are here 24/7 to help you get more than any other programs out there. Happy New Year! Here’s to looking forward to taking control of your game

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