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Keep Your Head Down?”

For as long as I can remember one of the biggest things players tell each other is to keep their head down through the golf swing. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Keeping your head steady on the backswing is one thing but keeping it steady on the downswing cause the upper body to hold back through Impact. This results in thin and fat shots along with a change in path through the impact area. Is your head behind the ball and down at Impact? The answer is “Yes”. With that said what most fail to realize is this thought keeps the head down for too long which I turn allows the lower body to move forward and hold back the upper body. They are now out of sync. The upper and Lower body must be in sync with each other to move you Swing bottom forward of the ball. In a great swing the head releases along with the club and rotates with the upper torso through Impact and to a full finish. Many player confuse this concept with lifting the head. So they continue to look at where the ball was after the strike. Lifting the head and rotating it are two different things. If you lift the head you now change postural tilt. This changes spine angle and can have poor results. The spine angle must be maintained while the head rotates through Impact. One of the best ever at this was Annika Sorenstam.


Notice how at impact Annika sight line is looking ahead of the ball. As her arms and hands release the club her hard follows. She is not keeping her eye on the ball at all. This allows her upper torso to move in tandem with her lower body. This allows a perfect finish position and lowers the chances of poor contact. It also makes it easier to deliver the club down the target line which leads to straighter shots. A great drill to help you fell this is one that Annika used often.

Give this drill a try and you will start to see the results in practice and on the course. Place a eight inch ball between your arms just below the elbows. Now make swings and on the downswing allow your head to release and follow the ball.


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