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It’s all about Impact!

The First Dynamic One of the best amature players in the history of the game was Bobby Clampett. As a young player he knew the importance of proper impact. Without solid impact you cannot play your best golf.  No matter what style your swing is the only thing that the ball know is impact. It does not care what type of swing you have or even how fast you swing the club. What does matter is how effective the strike. Impact Zone Golf founded and developed by Bobby Clampett uses five dynamics that help you achieve your best impact. That is what matters most. One of the first of these five dynamics can be found in all of the best players through history.

snead impact

Here is a photo of Sam Snead. One of the best to ever play the game. Here we see him at impact. Notice the flat lead wrist in line with the shaft at impact. This is the first of the five dynamics. When this happens the players posture is consistent and will cause the ball to be struck higher on the face. This leads to better compression along with a higher energy transfer into the ball. High energy transfer means greater distance. If we look at all of the best players they have this dynamic in common. Not only is the lead wrist flat here at impact but it is also facing the target. This is something that you need to work on if you want to get better and reduce the frustration level in your game. Trying to get into this position is not what I feel you should try to do. It needs to happen and cannot be forced. So many instruction programs have you work on positions in your swing. The body wants to move in a natural motion. It is difficult to hit positions and keep a fluid motion that allows you to optimize your potential. I suggest that you video your swing with a iphone. Use the slow motion position and video it face on as shown in the photo of Sam Snead. Then check to see of your lead wrist is breaking down at impact. There are several ways to help it be in this flat condition at impact. Maintaining lag on the downswing along with delivering the club using the workhorse or core are a few things that you can do to help this happen. To find out more go to Impact Zone Golf .

Impact Zone Golf now has it’s world headquarters located at 1040 #15 Collier Center Way, Naples Fl. 34110 and outdoor location at Tiburon Golf Club at the Ritz carlton Golf resort in Naples Fl.

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