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How important is Tempo in Putting?

There are many things that are important when putting. Speed , aim , green reading. Tempo is one of the most important to control the three just mentioned. Consistent tempo takes the hitting action out of the stoke and give the player more control over speed and start line. When ever there is a hitting action it is very difficult to make that action consistent. From day to day green speeds change and a players feel changes. This leads to inconsistency in distance control. If we can use the same tempo every time we make a stroke it reduces these inconsistencies. Then all we need to do to control distance is the length of our stroke.

Short putts would have less load and a shorter over length of the stroke. Longer putts the stroke would get longer to control distance and speed. The length of the stroke would always be the same back as through. This help keep the tempo consistent. It also takes the hitting action out of the stroke. That means less manipulation of the face through impact.  This will allow you to start your putts online and keep the face square at impact more often. I have my students use a tempo app on their phone. They choose a tempo that is close to a pace they feel comfortable with. They than practice putts of different lengths and try to keep the tempo the same no matter how far back and through the stroke. In other words the tempo should be the same for a two foot putt as a twenty foot putt. The more you work on getting your tempo consistent the better your putting will get. Above is a photo of a student working on length of back and through while listening to a tempo meter. We use a golfers toolbox to measure the length of the entire stoke. It is a great visual. You could also use tees or a coin behind and in front of the ball. Taking the putter to the back coin and through to the front coin. I know that once you can build a stroke that has consistent tempo your putts will end up closer to the hole on in!


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