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Iain Highfield Interview 80

Iain Highfield mental game coach for Bishops Gate Joins us on this weeks episode 80

Iain Highfield’s visiainhion is what drove him to become the Director of Mental Training at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy. Iain believes his passion for educating junior athletes gives him the chance to be the change he wants to see in the world.

During his unique journey into junior golf, Iain has picked up numerous qualifications in NLP and sport psychology and gained experience working with European Tour golfers. But more importantly, Iain learned that we are the residual outcome of our thoughts and feelings.

Through practicing the law of attraction, modeling life’s greats, and understanding the relationship between the human mind and brain, Iain enabled himself to teach athletes to smash through limiting beliefs, perform to their peak and understand that failure is just a stepping stone to success.

As a junior athlete himself in numerous sports, Iain feels that this mindset was something he failed to develop and now uses this as his ‘why’ to drive him to be the best he can be within his profession.

Iain believes life holds no limits, only the ones we place on ourselves. Life is designed to be awesome and Iain truly believes a child given the correct tools and environment can be or do anything they desire.

Iain’s goal of creating a growth mindset environment will not only help golfers perform in the sporting arena but ultimately educate students how to be happy and fulfilled young adults, poised to succeed in whatever they choose to do with their life.

Iain’s philosophy is that an athlete’s journey is his journey. This results in the student and coach evolving, learning and growing whilst striving for excellence together.


  • 2011 – Launched Leap Golf
  • 2012 – Leap Golf became part of the Nike Golf and PGA Academies, working with elite junior golfers, England schools and European tour golfers.


  • 1993 – 2000 represented High school and county (state) at rugby, football, cricket and golf.
  • 2000- 2004 University Rugby player
  • Graduated with a degree in Economics

2004 – 2012 Gained qualifications in NLP, EFT, hypnosis, time line therapy, golf psychology, sport psychology and produced case study papers for the open university in sporting performance.

Contact – https://www.bgga.com/coaches.html

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