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I have been teaching for over twenty years and have seen many different swings and many different ways to make the most out of your game. The one thing that I notice is that many players get into a habit when they are on the Teebox. No matter what hole they are on they go to the same spot on every Teebox. No what I mean by that is to the left or right side of the Teebox. No matter what the shot calls for or what hole they are on. If the hole is straight up they are on the left or right side. If the hole is a dogleg right they are on the right side. If it is a dogleg left they are on the right side. They might even be in the middle but they have this spot that they always go to.

Better players look at the hole and move from one side of the Tee box to the other looking for a spot that allows them to swing freely to their intended target. I see many players set up on the left side of the Tee box for a dogleg left and proceed to hit it out of bounds left. As they get ready to hit the feel off or uncomfortable but they swing away. The result is a poor shot. They then blame it on a bad swing. The cause is they were not in a position to make a free unencumbered swing to their target from that position on the Tee box. So next round that you play choose your target and walk back and forth on the Tee box till you find a spot that you feel allows you to swing to the target freely and that make you feel confident and comfortable. In order for you to play your best you need to feel comfortable over every shot and committed to you shot.

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