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Is Bio mechanics changing the face of Golf Instruction?

bioman1Golf instruction has gone through many changes in recent years with styles and methods. With that said many golf instructors are having to raise their game and get with the program when it comes to technology. There is so much new tech that an instructor can use to access an student during a lesson. Launch monitors, 3D imaging , force plates and high speed video. The great thing is that much of this technology is becoming more affordable. Tiger’s last coach was one who used this technology to fine tune his players launch angles and attack angles in a hope to improve not only their ball striking but their ball flight. With all of this technology many believe that feel has gone out the window. Many players and instructors are focusing too much on the numbers and not enough on the feel and freedom of the swing. Bio mechanics is a fresh look at how feel and the bodies natural motion can help the player swing in their own style and get the results they are looking for. This could be the main reason Tiger is now working with Chris Como. Chris is studying bio mechanics and on his way to getting his Masters at the Woman’s University of Texas. Let’s take a look at how bio mechanics can help your game. Through a series of¬†measurements the instructor can get to the root of the natural swing mechanics quickly. This mean finding how you grip and applying that grip into your grip on the club. Measuring your structural components of forearm and upper arm and how that will relate to your swing plane. Finding the width of your stance and also finding out how you create ground force. Should you release your posture early to normal standards or maintain your posture almost to your finish. If you do any of these things and they do not fit into your natural bio mechanic make up than you will be fighting yourself through your swing and or any swing changes your are working on. The swing changes Tiger worked on with Sean Foley did not fit his personal bio mechanics. This is part of the reasons for his back problems. I am not saying that his work with Sean caused these problems. I believe that Tiger more than likely had some of these problems that were ongoing. With that said the swing changes he worked on with Sean contributed to these problems. If you are not using your bodies natural mechanics than you will struggle with your swing and more than likely end up causing physical problems that could lead to injury. Once you go to an instructor who can do a bio mechanical evaluation and you understand what swing style you should use, you will see improvement quickly. You will find that the swing feel you can create is more natural and you will be able to tap into your body potential power easily. At the end of a round you will fell energized. Not the way you have felt in the past when you were tired and sore. To learn more about bio mechanics and your golf swing or to get a bio mechanical work up contact Par Breakers Golf Academy for an appointment. If you can make sure bio mechanics is part of what the instructor you choose to work with has in their program. If not ask them if they are thinking about learning these methods in the future. It will not only help you get to play your best quickly but help them find the root of the problem in all their students swings in a fast efficient manner.


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