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Is Soft Focus the Key to Better Play?

Getting ready to hit a shot takes preparation. We focus on the target and the shot we want to hit. We go through our routine and once we are over the ball we are still thinking about trying to stay in focus. What we must remember is that we just did it. So once we are over the ball we don’t need to do it again. Mental game is key to solid consistent play in golf. We don’t need to think about what we have to do or where we need the ball to go. Our mind already knows that. Why? Because we just made all of those decisions and now once we are over the ball we need to clear our minds and just swing. If I am going to hit a ball I don’t think about how I am going to hit it or where I am going to hit it. I just hit it. I react and that is how the body works best in all sports. We must remember that our mind and body know what to do. We don’t need to remind it over and over again like it is a child. This is how we can stay in the moment. I am sure you have heard that expression. Stay in the moment.It means just that. If you are thinking about swing thoughts or a hazard or where you want the ball to go you are not in the moment. You are in the past. The past is when you made that conscious though before you addressed the ball. Now that you are over the ball feel is what matters most and pulling the trigger. That means clear your mind and if you are going to focus on a swing though make it a soft focus in your mind not right out front shouting inside your head. Soft focus will let your body act on what practice has drilled into you. Believe me your mind will not forget what you just told it not less than a few seconds before. All of the drills and practice you have done to learn the swing is in there. The reason why you mess up is because you are thinking about it. When you play your best is when your not thinking about it. Try to remember when you hit a great shot. What were you thinking about? More than likely you were just swinging and letting it just happen.Use a static thought and stay in the present. Have no expectations of the result. With expectations you are living in the future.The part of your mind that you need to access need to be in the present not the future. You will never get there unless your mind is quiet. So the next time you go to the course just let it go. Free your mind and the rest will follow. This is what the best players in the world do to play their best. With a little work and practice on this I promise you that the result will be better than before. To learn more about how to swing free contact Par Breakers Golf Academy 215-518-0435 and we will show you how to let it go and “Take Control of Your Game!”

* Choose your plan – Type of shot
* Quiet the mind – Have quiet static thoughts
* Execute – Pull the trigger without expectations.
Stay in the present with a soft static focus.


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