Is there a Golf Hole That Always Gives You Trouble?

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Is there a Golf Hole That Always Gives You Trouble?

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Many of us play the same golf courses often. It might be a local course that we like or a country club where we are members. There are always a few holes that give us trouble. Every time we on on the hole we shoot bogie or worse. If there is a hole like this that gives you fits then it is time to try something new. That means not sticking with the normal choices you make. Let’s say it’s a tricky par three and every time you are in the hazard. You then lose a shot and you are back in bogie land. It might be a normal 8 iron and you always end up short. Then you try a seven and launch it over. Try the same seven and make a 3/4 swing that is a knock down shot. The idea here is that you need to try something different. Tee it up on the left side of the tee box rather then your normal right side. If you change it up it can free up your swing and get you to look at the hole in a different way. You just might be surprised with the result. The worst that can happen is you get your normal bogie.


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