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Is there side spin on a golf shot?

Spin axis    If we look at the spin on a shot we will find that there are two types of spin. There is back spin  and top spin. Back spin allows for lift and keeps the ball in the air longer. Top spin makes the ball go down and results in lower shots or grounders. Side spin does not occur in golf and for a long time was misunderstood. With the use of launch monitors that measure spin rates we have found that the ball spins on a axis and if that axis tilts the ball will curve do to the resulting tilt. As shown in the photo to the left we can see how the axis the ball spins on can be tilted for different shots. This is much like a airplane tilts it’s wings to turn. If the wings are level with the horizon line the plane will fly straight and level. If the plane wants to turn to change it’s course it will tilt in the direction of the turn. These tilts in direction in golf terms are caused by the relationship of the path to the club face. Below we can see an example of face to path and how this affects the spin axis. If the face is open to the path then the spin will be fade bias. If the face is closed to the path it will

face path result is a draw bias. If the face is square to the path the result will be a straight shot. When we have shots that are straight but off line like a push or pull the result is that the path was in the direction of the shot but left or right of the target line to the intended target. Understanding these principles will give you the player a better grasp on what occurred at impact. This in turn will help you be able to make the correct adjustments to better shot making. A good way to see your path in relationship to the target line is to use a launch monitor. If there are none available then look at your divot in relationship to your target line. This will give you a better idea of the path your were swing on. It will also help you better feel the path and make adjustments to better shots. PGA Tour players monitor path to face ratio using launch monitors when they practice. If possible find an instructor or golf facility where you can rent or take a lesson using this technology.

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