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Is there still enough time for Tiger?

image-1tiger-woods betterTiger Woods is without a doubt one of the greatest golfer’s to every live. He has had more triumphs than hundreds of PGA Pro combined. With that said we do know that he has made his fair share of mistakes that have created set backs in his quest to stand on top of the golfing world history books. His personal life along with the weakness that comes with fame have derailed his plans along the way. One that is a result of fame is feeling that you can do anything and not pay the consequences. That pay back has caused Tiger injuries to his body that have slowed his quest. Knee and back due to some activities outside of the golfing world like working out with the Navy Seals. Feeling like he had outgrown his swing coach’s or felt that he had reached a point where he could not go any farther with a coach lead him to seek another. This lead to swing changes and those changes took time. Any time we make a chance no matter what the reason be it physical or mental it takes time. Even the best of the best like Tiger will slow progress in an effort to get better. Jack never made a total overhaul to his swing. Tiger has made several and is on the brink of making another one at the age of 39. Time is now against him and the race that he started some many years ago is now running short. There have been other greats who have won in their forties. Here is a list of those winners.

Jack Nicklaus 1986 Masters age 46

Harry Vardon, 1914 British Open, PrestwickCrenshaw masters

AGE 43Jack 86 Mastersage 46

Ben Crenshaw, 1995 Masters, Augusta National

Raymond Floyd, 1986 U.S. Open, Shinnecock Hills

Julius Boros, 1963 U.S. Open, The Country Club

Ted Ray, 1920 U.S. Open, Inverness

Old Tom Morris, 1864 British Open, Prestwick

AGE 42Payne Open

Payne Stewart, 1999 U.S. Open, Pinehurst No. 2

Tom Kite, 1992 U.S. Open, Pebble Beach

Gary Player, 1978 Masters, Augusta National

Tommy Bolt, 1958 U.S. Open, Southern Hills

J.H. Taylor, 1913 British Open, Royal Liverpool

Willie Park Sr., 1875 British Open, Prestwick

Most often it has taken Tiger two years to start to gel with a swing change in the past. Let’s say that he does just that with Chris Como his new instructor and swing consultant. If that is the case then he may start winning Majors at the age of 41. The oldest in history was Harry Vardon at the age of 43. The competition back then was not as tough as what Tiger will have to face in the years ahead. The one thing that is on Tiger’s side is he has done more things as a player than anyone so far. That raises the odds and means that with Tiger anything is possible. His mind is one of the best the game has ever seen if not the best. As long as he can sustain his health once things come together with his game he can still break some records in the game. Time will tell and we are all lucky to be alive to witness what might happen as the remainder of Tiger’s career plays out. I don’t know about you but I am sure looking forward to the years to come and watching how it all comes together or falls apart.

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