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Is Your Alignment Correct?

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Alignment is a big reason why so many golfer’s hit poor shots. It is an absolute must that at address you are lined up aiming at you target. Using alignment sticks to help you see and feel proper set up at address can ingrain proper alignment into your muscle memory. This in turn will help you on the course. Just think of how many times you have stripped a shot only to realize after that your aim was off. This is frustrating  and lowers confidence. Our goal is to build confidence in our practice and on the course. If you go to a PGA Tour event and watch the players practice on the range you will see many of them using some type of reference to check alignment. Here is what you want to look for when setting up.

golfalignmentMake sure your shoulders , feet and hips are square to the target line for straight shots. You also want to make sure that your club face is square to the target line. Use the leading edge to square up your club not the top line. If you look at the photo you can see that the top line looks slightly open but the leading edge is square to the intended target. Remember you can’t hit your target unless you are aiming correctly. So make sure you have some type of alignment sticks in your bag. Many people use clubs but they can be deceiving because of the club head at one end. Use a alignment stick or something like golfer’s tool box. These will work better and give you a true reading as to your target and your body being aligned properly.


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