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Is Your Back Swing too Fast?








How many times have you been told your back swing is too slow? More than likely never. We must remember that we don’t strike the ball on our back swing. So to stay in control we need to slow down a little as we take it to the top. I always think about and archer. When they have to hit the bulls eye they draw the bow back slowly. This helps them get set before they release it. It also keeps them gain control of the shot. If the archer has many targets to hit fast then they always take care to draw back the bow and make sure their aim is true before they release the arrow to their mark. In golf the body gets out of sync with the arms when the back swing is too fast. To stay in sync use a smooth constant take away to the top and keep the arms and body moving as a unit. A solid connection of the arms and torso is paramount. This will help you stay in control in the transition down and through impact to a full finish. It will also help you stay in balance throughout the entire swing and that will lead to better shot making. So the next time you hit the links think about the archer and slow down that back swing to stay in control of your game!


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