Is your Divot Ahead of the Ball?

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Is your Divot Ahead of the Ball?

All of the best players in the world have five things in common. One that we see across the board with better players is a forward swing bottom. First let’s look at swing bottom. This is the bottom of the swing arc in relationship to the ball. Ideal is four inches ahead of the ball. This is where the widest and deepest part of the  divot should occur. If it happens closer to the ball your handicap will go up.

forward swing bottom Here we see that four inch bottom to the arc. Bobby Clampett had a study done on 100 golfers and checked their swing bottom and how it related to their handicap. He found that for every inch behind the four inch swing bottom their handicap went up by four strokes. That means that if you are three inches ahead of the ball you are a 4. Two inches an 8 one inch a 12 and at the ball  a 16. One inch behind and you are a 20. Here at Impact Zone Golf World Headquarters in Napes Fl. we look at all five dynamics and how they can help you improve no matter what your swing style may be. In order  to get this to happen the body must be involved along with a forward aimpoint. Here we see Bobby Clampett showing this dynamic. IMG_0232So now that we know how to lower your handicap the next step is to stop into our World headquarters and get started to a world of better play. Until then here are a few videos that you can view of drills that will help you get started. Using that forward aimpoint and measuring where the forward swing bottom occurs. This will help increase your compression on the ball along with better contact on the center of the club face at impact. Remember it’s all about impact and we are here to help you get the best possible.




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