Is your posture affecting your Game?

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Is your posture affecting your Game?


Posture is a fundamental. The problem is most players think they are in good posture when their posture looks like the photo on the right. What I have found for 99% of the players who come to me for lessons and players that I see on the range their posture is poor. This is a major problem in not only making solid contact but being consistent. When your spine is curves and your shoulders are hunched it is difficult to rotate around your spine and stay in posture. This is why so many players hit thin or fat shots. The key is not just to get in proper posture but how you get into posture will make a big difference. I like to get my students to go through the same steps every time they hit a shot. This little difference will get you hitting better shots right away. Many players sole the club and take their grip when the club is on the ground. That is fine but I would like you to then stand up in a normal walking posture with your arms hanging at your side. This will allow your shoulder and spine to be in better posture. Next set your pelvic tilt by sticking your tailbone back and then bending at the knees slightly. ( Young Tiger ) Notice how Tiger has his knees and shoulders on the same line. If your knees get out in front of your shoulder line then you will be too much on your toes or the balls of your feet. The same goes with if your shoulders are out father than your knees. This will get you off balance. We all know that balance is the key to consistency. Now begin to tilt your upper body at a 45% angle like shown in the photo on the left. Now just let your arms and the club fall into address. This is a power position along with getting your body into the proper position to maintain posture to the top of your swing and down into impact. This is a must to have a consistent swing bottom and strike the ball then take your divot in front of the ball. To get even more information on this and building a solid pre-shot routine watch the video below.




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