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Is Your Swing in Sync?

Jack-sequencesTime and time again for so many players and instructors a key word is sync. I have been driving this home to my students for over a decade. I feel that the arms and body must work as a unit and many of the best players to ever strike a golf ball made this happen. Through the impact zone the arms cannot be the main driver of power and control. They play a big roll in precision and speed but do not take the leading roll. If we look at the golf swing the core is the main driver. This includes the torso , hips and glutes. The arms follow the core and the smaller muscles or fast twitch muscles produce speed through the release. If the arms try to produce the power then consistent strikes are reduced. When the arms are in charge they get out of sync with the power source. A good way to think about this is a train. The engine pulls the passenger cars down the track. When this happens everything goes as planed. The passenger cars in the golf swing are the arms. The engine is the core. The engine pulls the arms along and the swing then becomes smooth and in sync. If the passenger cars get faster then the engine they jump the track and all kinds of problems arise. So think of your arms as cars being pulled along for the ride. This will begin to help you feel the power house doing the work and the arms falling into place. This helps you stop steering the ball and gets your swing to feel more freedom. With a free swing it is easier to stay on plane and be in control. It is letting go to gain control. If you few some of the videos I post on my YouTube channel you will see how I point this out time and time again in  the swing of winners on the PGA and LPGA Tours. All of these winners have the arms and core in sync through the impact zone. Keep this connection and the result will lead to solid shot making. If we look at the photo above we see how Jack keeps that solid connection of the arms in front of his core through his swing. Keep this in mind when you work on your swing.


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