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Kalliope Barlis Interview 67

Kalliope Barlis kalliopeInterview on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 67

Kalliope Barlis played professional golf and is now a Doctor of Acupuncture, NLP Coaching Trainer and Master Practitioner. When she began planning to play golf professionally, she started exploring ways to optimize life and has been doing so ever since. She realized that the better she felt about being alive and seeing what she wanted for her future, the better her life became ― especially her ability to play golf well. According to sports analysts, all odds were against her: she was already in her mid-twenties when she began playing golf, and because she hadn’t been prepped from an early age, her physiology was against her. But Kalliope was born with a brain that told her she could do it. So she found someone who would teach her to do the “impossible”: play golf really well really fast. That man was Chuck Hogan, a teaching talent who knew that to play your best, you had to think right with a vivid imagination and feel good while thinking right.


Contact Kalliope – http://www.playgolfbetterfaster.com/


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