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Keep track of your scores to improve your game

Keeping track of your scores can help you better understand where you are losing shots and what part of your game need improvement. Here is a sample of how to get a few stats on your game. F.I.R. Fairways in regulation. If you hit the fairway place a check if you miss an X. You can take this one step further and also make L for left and R for shots missed right. Now you will know on average where you are missing it off the tee. Also what club you used off the tee. Driver ,fairway wood , hybrid or iron. Next is G.I.R. Greens in regulation.
on Par fours did you hit the green on your second shot? If the answer is yes then make a check. Do the same for par 3 on first shot and par 5 on third shots. Again to get even more info mark if it was left ,right, short or long.
This will let you have a better understanding of you approach shots and whether you are choosing the correct club for the distance and conditions that day. Did you leave it short because of conditions? Like wind or did you hit it slightly fat? If you missed the green was it in a bunker or the rough? Did you get the ball up and down? You can then see also your average putts when you miss the green. This lets you know really how good your short game is. How many putts per hole are you averaging and per round. Once you have this information you can start a plan with your coach or on your own as to what part of your game is costing you the most strokes. Now you know what you have to practice to improve. This is valuable information so that you can get the most out of your practice sessions and start to lower your scores.  Here it looks like Bob needs to work on his Tee shots and putting to eliminate three putts. His short game is not too bad as to when he missed some greens he chipped it fairly close to the hole. Approach shots are not to bad but could also need some attention. Start to keep at least a minimum of the info on the scorecard posted here in this article and see how you will get a better insight into what you really need to work on to improve.


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  1. Tommy Esparza August 10, 2022 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    I use the same recording method, but use arrows instead. I mark a dot if I hit the fairway and use a left or right arrow for missed locations. For the green, I mark a dot if I hit the green and use left, right, up, or down arrows for the missed green locations.

    • Bernard Sheridan August 20, 2022 at 8:33 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your comment.
      Great way to keep track of where your game needs improving.

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