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Know your carry distance to shoot lower

Know your carry distance to lower your scores

I see many players practicing on the range and feel that a shot is a success if it goes in the distance of their intended target line. Direction is very important but how about distance. Many players are short of their target even on the range and still feel it the shot was not online they hit a descent shot.

In order to improve your scores you have to know the average distance that each and every club goes in your bag. That means the carry distance not the total distance. Only the carry distance will get you closer to your target and allow you to choose the correct club for the shot at hand.

Just look at you last few rounds.  When you missed greens even if they where off line would they have reached your target? Many times the answer is no. Most players never take enough club to reach their intended target or carry a hazard that is in the way. This leads to added stokes that inflate our scores. Being able to carry the balm consistently the same distance allows us to make better choices on he course.

The best way to find this out is to visit  ImpactZoneGolf if you live in the Naples Fort Myers area or if not your local pro who has a TrackMan or Foresight launch monitor and do a session with all of your clubs. Hit somewhere between 5 to 10 shots with each club. Then look at the average carry distance. This will show on average how far your carry distance is for each club.

Below are the average carry distance on the PGA and LPGA Tour recorded by TrackMan.

The average weekend players are closer to the LPGA averages. Some are closer to PGA Tour average. No matter which category you are in does not matter. What truly matter is what ever your distances are you know what is right for you. This way you will pull the correct club for the distance you are from the hole or off the tee to give yourself the best opportunity to improve your scores and lower your handicap.

Without knowing these numbers you are at a great disadvantage in shooting the scores your desire. Distance control is the number one reason for shooting low scores.

So make that appointment at ImpactZoneGolf or with your local Pro who has TrackMan or Foresight and start playing and practicing smarter.

Give is a call and we can help you stop the pain to enjoy the game! Impact Zone Golf 239-236-5536

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